Free Marketing Reporting Dashboard

All-in-one simple tool to keep track of your online activity

Understand problems on your site

Spend less time running reports

Track multiple properties in one dashboard

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We don't store, sell or keep your data. Use it for free as long as you want.

All your data in one place, we connect with:

Google Analytics

To have a good overview of how users reach your site, what they do and how they convert

Google Search Console

To track keywords you already rank for on Google, which page attract most users and which keywords convert

Our Own SEO Tools

To track keywords you are trying to rank for on Google. We will check daily your position on Search Engines for these keywords

Our Own UpTime Tools

We will monitor your site every other minute. If it goes down we will email you immediately.

Google Analytics Monitoring

Track one or multiple site on the same dashboard

Compare your metrics with market standards

Keep under control things like browser incompatibilities, problems on pages and much more

Accurate SEO Tools

Keyword Tracker

Google Search Console Integration

Keyword Planner & Suggestion Tool

Up Time Monitoring

Get an email immediately if your site goes down

Social Media Monitoring

Keep an eye on bounce rate, time on site and different metrics for all your social media channels

A/B Testing

Start A/B Testing two pages, without adding any code to your site

We can automatically generate a short url which will split the traffic between two pages.

We also add custom Google Analytics tags and help you analyse the results later

Login with Google Analytics is completely free with an optional 9$/month upgrade

We don't store, use or sell your data