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Sessions increased by 37%, this was caused by a spike on referrals [...]
The following pages load slower than average, check for compatibility issues [...]
We noticed that traffic from Twitter tends to stay longer on site and convert more, compared to Facebook [...]

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We connect with:

Google Analytics

To have a good overview of how users reach your site, what they do and how they convert

Google Search Console

To track keywords you already rank for on Google, which page attract most users and which keywords convert

Our Own SEO Tools

To track keywords you are trying to rank for on Google. We will check daily your position on Search Engines for these keywords

Our Own UpTime Tools

We will monitor your site every other minute. If it goes down we will email you imediately.

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Metrics marked in red are underperforming

Metrics marked in green are performing well

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Powerful SEO features

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Track yours and your's competitors position daily on Google

Simple but powerful SEO tool

Keyword Tracking for top 100 Results

Performance and CTR for Keywords you already rank for

Keyword Research & Suggestion Tool

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Smart weekly insights

Uptime Site Tracking

Social Media Performance Monitoring

Login with Google Analytics

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